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The administration module is meant to manage 3 web clients with their real estate databases.

The information to manage includes lists of:
contacts (real estate agents, realtors, customers, owners, renters, construction workers, etc) which can also be grouped accordingly;
types of real estate (flats, houses, offices, pieces of land, etc);
a number of real estate parameters (location, prices, size, infrustructure, etc);
files (photos, videos of properties or laws about property, ownership, etc).

The main feature is ability to automatically generate the interface of the module based on the information pulled from the database. So, if there are only 20 fields with data on some property object in the database, the administration table will display just these 20 sections. The interface is also very flexible, display is controlled by a number of filters, and separate blocks may be hidden / displayed for comfort.

It is also integrated with Google Maps Api and allows getting coordinates and placing markers (Geocoding).

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MVC Kohana 3, Doctrene ORM, Ajax, Javascript framework EXT-JS, CSS/HTML.

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